WASBE San Jose Day 3 – July 14, 2015

Hier noch eine Rezension unseres Konzertes von 14.07 in San José, ganz am Ende des Blogbeitrags zu lesen. 

Wind Band Literature

WASBE day 3 is in the books, sadly my last full day here.

The day began with a repertoire session featuring the Ohlone Wind Orchestra from Fremont, California directed by Tony Clements. They had an exciting but very bright sound that was often quite tight but also showed some of the inconsistencies typical of a community (in this case college/community) band. They gave committed performances of several quite difficult works:

Grand Fanfare by Giancarlo Castro D’Addona

For the President’s Own by John Williams

Salome by Gareth Wood

Starsplitter by Philip Rothman

Berglicht by Oliver Waespi

Today’s session for me was much less appealing than yesterday’s. Most of the music to me seemed trite and cliché. The Grand Fanfare started off like a fanfare indeed, then followed exactly the form of a Swearingen overture. Salome was one band cliché after another, and in the inevitable comparison to Strauss’s pathbreaking opera…

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